Scary Tuesday

Today I came to uni and started a lecture and the entire display system crashed.

I fled the room which was already full of students.

I sought the advice of some wonderful administration staff, because there were no contact details for any AV help – nor was there a plugged in phone.

Thank dog someone helped me quickly – and I was able to resume the lecture – after spending 10 minutes winging the first few minutes…..

However the lecture recording stopped and I don’t think it resumed for the rest of the day.

I had 3 tutorials afterwards where I showed students how to make their own blogs.

I made a blogspot blog with the dodgiest URL ever……

and I made this blog in the afternoon tutorial on a computer with a truly horrible version of explorer, which was displaying page elments very strangely and making it impossible to embed hotlinks into posts.

Now I’m back in my office I can confess my excitement about the course, and the students and the knowledge exchange that is going to happen.

I was unsure whether to allow studnets to use tumblr as a blog hosting platform – but then one student told me about this incredible site of wondrous Deleuzian delights.

I really wish I could spend the whole course taking students on a derive through Guattari’s writings on queer radical politics and environmentalism – or just make them read Elizabeth Grosz till they swoon as much as I do, but – there is  alot of material to cover and it is still only second year.

All of this stuff makes me so stupidly excited about knowledge creation that I want to dance down the corridors – but there’s no aircon, so I’d better just hide my glee till I get home.

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