One year later…..

Miraculously GES was taught again – by me (as a casual), and the Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies program at La Trobe was sustained.

Rumour has it that it may even be restored as a major, but given the general ambiance of cutbacks and sackings my optimism is cautious.

If only economic rationalism was vaguely rational! The second year core unit had 126 enrollments, of which over 90% have contributed to the massive pile of marking that I’m slowly gnawing my way through…. So there is ‘market demand’ for Gender Studies. We’ll see how long that lasts if the proposed Commonwealth budget measures go through.

Part of burying my head in the sand against the tide of doom spreading from Federal politics and the immanent threat of global environmental catastrophe involves writing. Things are getting so bad that I’ve become more productive than I’d expected with a book chapter due for publication in September.

In my non-existent spare time, I’ve been involved at the edges of a wonderful initiative by the Melbourne Free University. this semester they have been running two courses for Asylum Seekers  – through a cooperation between academics at different universities…. they are also hoping to involve university students as volunteers, so please email them now if you are interested…. (

I’ve also been involved with a group of artists and RMIT students who run weekly art classes inside the Melbourne Immigration Transit Centre as well as weekly art classes for Asylum Seekers in Melbourne. At the moment Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers just has a Facebook Page, but a website is coming soon.

I’m also speaking at the Australian Womens and Gender Studies conference at Melbourne Uni in late June. I’ll be giving a paper based on the week 10 lecture (who says casual teaching doesn’t contribute to research?), but the real highlight will be the Public Lecture with Sarah Ahmed on June 24th at Melbourne Uni.

Anyone can come, and AWGSA encourage students to join for the small fee of $20.

Back to GES, most of the blogs are on the internal LMS, however quite a few students did open-source blogs, and have given me permission to link them here:

Contemporary Debates


Suffragette City

Taking Red Pills

Views from a sophisticated mind

A Journey Into Gender Studies

 The Dangerous Blank

Gender and Sexuality Blog: Awkwardly Writing About Stuff


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