I hope this is one of many, and have a vague random dream that students will continue to vent their rage online…..

We had the final tutorials for first year Gender Studies students who were all saying “Oh my God – I can’t look at ANYTHING now without being critical!” Which is pretty awesome feedback.

for my part – I’ll be going into an essay marking hole for the next few weeks, then I hope to continue writing my reflections on teaching gender.

the last 2 lectures I felt like I was running into the wind – being overwhelmed by current affairs and trying to share some critical frameworks or tools to try to address them – or at least not be as floored by them as I was feeling.

the Australia Pariah State refugee excision thing? that had me weeping tears of rage, literally… sobbing. I managed not to sob in the lecture, but did some Foucaultian dance with it all…..

And then the last episode of SBS insight – a fat shaming horror – rivalling the misogyny manuals of ACP…. well – that did leave me speechless.

Fortunately – other, more eloquent activist academics found words beyond the screams of FAAAAARRRRRRKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Check this wonderful blog post by Protodoctor Wykes from Melbourne Uni….

And – its a good point to leave on. That the SBS/ABC current affairs journalese style of debate around topical issues of identity and diversity are everything that I hope to equip students to move away from. the fourth estate is dead as a dingo’s donger, and there are so few public forums for critical thought and research integrity. Maybe the blogosphere can allow some more useful conversations to keep happening.

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